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BENCH REST is a crucial part of the bread-making process, where the dough is left to rest and relax prior to shaping. It is a vital phase to ensure a good crumb and a great loaf structure. With this in mind, our philosophy revolves around the importance of having a moment to chill and savour life before facing the hectic rhythms of modern society. Bench Rest is an excuse to relish the little things that make life great.

Foodie evenings where friends and strangers come together to share a degustation meal. Menu will remain secret so you get to know the dishes and those sitting next to you at the same time. BYO wine/beer depending on location. Book your tickets for our upcoming nights here!

We move our pots and pans to cater for your special occasion. We also work with local independent venues in Reading to offer you a unique tailored experience.  All of our menu options will be specially designed to make it a memorable time!

​We run a full day hands-on bread-baking course ideal for both beginners and bread connoisseurs. We will bake three different kinds of bread, learn about the science of sourdough and how to live with your “starter.” The goal is to provide you with an instinctive understanding of how to consistently bake sourdough bread so that you can reproduce our recipes at home, and perhaps experiment with your own!