Our mission is to make good quality, great tasting food. To us, that is only possible by paying as much attention to the ingredients we source as to the execution of our recipes.​ We go the extra mile to support local suppliers.


We also aim at keeping our carbon footprint and single use plastics to the absolute minimum. And if that weren't enough, we are passionate about offering plenty of plant based alternatives in our menus. 




In previous lives Laura navigated the worlds of academia and Corporate Finance. Always harbouring a passion for good food, she started her first foodie venture, with her good friend Anu in 2013. 'Pop-Up Reading' took the form of a Supper Club and pop-up restaurant appearing in various locations from independent cafés to churches!

In 2016 she finally took the plunge and swap her office suits for aprons and opened Nomad Bakery, an independent café and sourdough bakery. Now, with this new adventure her aim is to combine the best of both worlds and bring you BENCH REST.